Spreadsheet View


The ‘spreadsheet view’ lists all the ‘instances’ of your currently selected class in a spreadsheet.
You can choose which columns to show by selecting them from the ‘parameter browser’.
Column selections (per class) and column widths are stored in your .xml configuration file allowing persistence between sessions. Over time you can configure Mission Control to show the parameters you most commonly use for any particular class of object.

Cell selection

Left-click (and/or drag) to select individual or multiple cells.

Instant access to parameter dialogs

Double-left-click to open 3DS Max UIs for values of the following types :

Object selections.
Include / Exclude lists.

Rapid parameter value adjustments

Middle-click and drag to adjust the values of your currently selected cells. This unique approach to editing values offers users two ways to quickly make adjustments in their scenes. Drag left and right to make fine adjustments, and drag up and down for coarse adjustments. Coarse and fine adjustment factors can be set in the ‘preferences’ dialog.


Copying, pasting values and creating instanced parameters.
Context menu tools

Right-click to access the context menu. Please ensure you select the cells you want to edit first (right-clicking does not update the current cell selection)

Undo : Undos any changes on the currently selected cells.

Revert : Reverts the values of the currently selected cells to their original values (ie on scene opened, Mission Control opened, or object created).

Copy : Copies the currently selected cell(s) in to your clipboard. These values can be retrieved at a later time from the ‘Bins’ utility panel, or by selecting “paste” or “paste instance” from the context menu.

Paste : Pastes the value(s) from your clipboard in to the currently selected cell(s).

Paste Instance : Pastes the value from your clipboard in to the currently selected cells as instanced scripted controllers. This is great for creating ‘soft instanced’ objects where you only want to instance one or more parameters of an object, not all its parameters.

Paste Animation : Pastes the controller from your clipboard in to the currently selected cell(s).

Paste Animation Wire : Not tested.

Make Unique : Breaks any instancing of the selected cells.

Make Instance(s) : Converts the currently selected cells in to instances. The value used will be that of the first selected cell in your selection.

Get Property : Copies the maxscript string for the current parameter. This can be used in the maxscript listener or for quickly linking parameters programatically.

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