Showreel Breakdown

Oblivion – Pixomondo Lighting TD – Model prep/optimisation, volumetrics, shading, lighting, rendering.
Star Trek : In to Darkness – Pixomondo Lighting TD – Asset cleanup and optimisation, animation, shader and render setting optimisation, lighting, rendering and atmospherics.
Welcome to the Punch – Brewery VFX CG Lead –
Aircraft – Rigging, animation, shading, lighting, atmospherics and rendering.
Exploding glasses – Simulation, shading, lighting, atmospherics, rendering.
300 Rise of Empire – MPC Lighting TD – Blood splatter lookdev and ocean shading/lighting.
Coke Buildings – Nexus Productions Lead Lighting TD :Character and prop lighting, shading and integrating in to live action plate (stop motion miniature set)
Audi – Nexus Productions Lighting TD – Animation and modelling setup for dynamic road surface. Car and car component lighting, shading and rendering.
The Story of Science – BBC Entirely self produced, from commission to delivery.
Streetdance 2 3D CG Lead – Layout, animation, modelling, shading, lighting, atmospherics, and rendering. (excluding crowd)
Honda Accord – Digital Giant Entirely self produced. Integration of CG car in to HDR dome projected onto environment geo.
Independence Masterplan – JM Architects Entirely self directed, produced and delivered.
E4 Sting – Self Entirely self directed, produced.
Ashes – Brewery VFX CG Lead – Modelling, texturing, lighting, pflow particle effects, ocean integration, rendering.
SCRM – University of Edinburgh Entirely self directed, produced and delivered.

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