I am a lighting and VFX generalist artist living and working in London. Artistically minded, technically adept and rigourously organised; it is with these skills that I aim to improve the efficiency and more importantly, the quality of everything I work on. Whether it is lighting a scene, debugging a slow render, developing a pipeline tool or simply keeping a project on schedule; the challenges that face me everyday in visual effects are why I love this job.

  • over 10 years experience in all aspects of the vfx pipeline.
  • expert knowledge of lighting and rendering applicable to all platforms.
  • experienced in modelling, rigging, texturing.
  • complete understanding of Vray lighting/shading/rendering techniques.
  • keen programmer with skills in python and maxscript.
  • proficiency in Nuke compositing, Mudbox/Mari and Adobe applications.
  • self taught in all vfx skills… still learning every day.
  • architecture postgraduate with a fine blend of artistic, technical and organisational skills.
  • excellent communication skills; written and verbal.

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