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March 2015

Mission Control for 3ds Max : Animation keys support

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A quick test showing general performance improvements on larger object counts, and preliminary indications of animated tracks and key-frames.
Pink values indicate a track that has keys. Red values are key-frame values.


Mission Control for 3ds Max : Support for 3rd-party plugins

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Mission Control for 3ds Max will automatically support any 3rd-party plugin you can throw at it. There is no need to wait for an update to support new features in existing plugins, or entirely new plugin objects, modifiers, materials, etc.

Here is a clip showing how Mission Control allows access to all of Vray’s objects, materials, render settings, maps, modifiers, cameras and lights.
This clip also shows how the class-window allows users to quickly select all objects of a particular class by simply double-clicking the class-name. You can do this to select object types directly, or to select all objects with a particular type of modifier, material, map or for that matter any other object type.

Mission Control for 3ds Max : 3rd Party Support

Mission Control for 3ds Max : Renderer Settings

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Mission Control for 3ds Max allows the artist to access any property of the current renderer.
Here is a quick demonstration showing how to quickly find and select some vray renderer properties to display in the spreadsheet view.


I aim to integrate this view with RPManager data so artists can quickly compare particular renderer parameters between render passes.

Mission Control vs Light Lister

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Are you working on scenes with lots of lights? Mission Control might be able to help you with that.

For those of you who work on scene with a lot of lights, you’ll probably have experienced the pain of waiting for the light-lister to refresh. Mission control offers a massive improvement in speed in comparison with 3ds Max’s build in ‘light lister’, not to mention an improved UI to access previously hidden light parameters, and methods to change multiple lights simultaneously.

Light-lister struggling with just 121 lights….
Mission Control vs Light Lister.

Mission Control is ready in seconds….

Whilst you’re waiting for the light-lister to catch up, I’ve provided a quick overview of some of the features currently available within Mission Control; quick selection of multiple lights, copy-paste values, list filtering and parameter selection.

Mission Control for 3ds Max will be released for Beta testing soon. Please get in touch with your name, email and a brief description of how you intend to use the plugin if you wish to be included in the trial. Email me at :

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